The Eye®

The AI assistant
for your retail business.

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The Eye®

The AI assistant
for your retail business.

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About The Eye

Helping you harness AI.

I'm a conversational application and sounding board for your decision support. I can lead your purchase department and help your team walk the last mile.
I'm redefining how businesses are looking at scaling management. I have taken an oath to never burden you with reports but rather make available actionable intelligence with facts.

Automated Purchases

Maintaining optimal inventory day-to-day is a marathon and a management nightmare. Reclaim locked up capital by demand driven purchase predictions.

Customer Insights

Customers want the world to revolve around themselves. Know the what, when, how and build loyal relationships with your customers as that is the mantra to sustained growth.

Festivities & Seasons

Festivals bring along happiness, sweets and more customer walkins. We help you to plan your assortment in a wink thus giving you ample time to make festivals a strategic affair.

Become proactive

Non-festive Promotions, stockouts (or) overstocking, clearance-sales all these are bad signs for healthy inventory. Stop reacting, become proactive.


Your data is your goldmine, we secure it with utmost care. Better technologies against hacks, unwary legal bounds for humans. Your data security is our priority.

Quick onboarding

Start seeing business value from day 1. Free yourself from prolonged implementation cycles and concentrate only on your business. There is almost no training required.

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How do we engage?

We are proud to help you look into the future with us before you leap.

Step ahead

Our value proposition to all our customers will be unique. The best possible use-case never remains the same for every retailer.
Provide your dataset for our initial data study.


I train myself with the provided dataset, get some help from my data-scientist team to upskill myself for your business.
I'll run some heuristics based on your past data trail. I'm all set for the marathon at the end of this!


You can start interacting with me now about your day-to-day business, while I start enriching your inventory in parallel.
Your team attrition on hidden human knowledge is no more a burden to you. I'm here to the rescue!


Success in retail is not achieving once, it has to be done repeatedly every single time. I'll double up for your success, you concentrate on strategic moves.
Just make sure I'm fed with quality data. :)

What our customers say?

Case Studies


We are what we sell - autonomous
Our entire culture is about You, more rightly put You in our Family. Writing and living our story is something that draws a vibrant us to our mission day after day(yes it's not work, rather an obsession).
@Delium You equals We

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